$400,000 In Grants Respond To The Needs Of Families Struggling With Health Care Costs

$400,000 In Grants Respond To The Needs Of Families Struggling With Health Care Costs

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The Saint Paul Foundation distributes $400,000 in grants through the William and Connie Carroll Endowment Fund to respond to the needs of families struggling with health care costs.

The Saint Paul Foundation today announced the dissemination of $400,000 in grants in response to the needs of families struggling with health care costs. The William and Connie Carroll Endowment Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation funds nonprofit organizations that support families in the East Metro area who are trying to meet their basic needs while balancing medical costs. The funding covers expenses for families where support from other sources, like government programs, is unavailable. Access to transportation, housing assistance and specialized care needs not covered by insurance are just a few of the barriers that organizations can help families address.

According to East Metro Pulse - a recent report from The Saint Paul Foundation that measures community vitality and quality of life in Dakota, Ramsey and Washington counties - while 96 percent of East Metro residents have health insurance, 40 percent receive coverage through a plan purchased themselves or through public insurance program like Medicare.

"All Minnesotans deserve quality care. But the reality is, even with health insurance, many families struggle to balance daily expenses with the out-of-pocket costs related to a severe or chronic illness. Our findings in the East Metro Pulse show that 68 percent of white respondents have insurance through an employer-provided plan, compared to 39 percent of African American respondents, 52 percent of Asian American and 53 percent of Latino/a respondents. There are very real health disparities in our community. That's why funds like the William and Connie Carroll Fund are essential," said Ann Mulholland, vice president of Community Impact at The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations.

Recipients of funding through the Carroll Fund include:

Angel Foundation: The organization received $20,000 for their Emergency Financial Assistance Program (EFA). The EFA program offers a short-term safety net for critical basis needs, such as utility payments, rent and groceries, for families undergoing cancer treatment. According to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 40 percent of patients fall below the poverty line at some point during their treatment.

Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES): The organization received $60,000 to provide direct financial assistance to families with children struggling to meet basic needs due to a life-threatening illness, chronic disease or mental or physical handicap. Due to immigration guidelines, many CLUES client families are ineligible for government assistance - including Medical Assistance.

The Center for Victims of Torture: The organization received $25,000 to fund their Client Assistance program. Torture survivors struggling to heal or resettle after seeking asylum can apply for financial support to meet emergency basic needs, other needed services like transportation and securing an ID and tools to assist with healing and resettlement.

For a full list of grantees, click here.

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