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Bruce DeBoskey highlights the role of Businesses and Business leaders in future philanthropy.

This series is intended to allow advisors to more easily spot gift opportunities by looking at client data with a new set of eyes. We start with the tax return...

Finding lost or missing heirs is an important task. This interview with the head of provides useful tips for professionals and helps tell the pros from the cons.


In support of the Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement & Campaign built around National Financial Literacy Month (April) and six months later during National Estate Planning Awareness Week (3rd week in October) the following...

Josh Patrick and Randy Fox discuss exit planning for business owners utilizing charitable strategies. Their discussion also delves into philanthropy in the family of the business owner.

Bruce DeBoskey faces down and de-mystifies the controversial subject of charity overhead.


Some trusts demand the service of a professional -- like blended families.

On the other hand, some trusts can be excellent opportunities for family members to serve. But how to determine whether a particular family member has what it takes?


Dan Felix takes a deeper look at the need for a responsive and active trustee. The refinement of the trustees role, the need for responsiveness and wise guidance make it clear that trustee selection is as important as good trust creation.

What advisors need to know about NIMCRUTs

Last time, we discussed trust-planning blind spots and ways to solve complex trust matters. Here, we'll look at how a very successful and very charitable client...

How an ounce of prevention may provide tons of cure

As we discussed in Part One of this article, philanthropy adds a complex dimension to affluent families' long-term wealth and tax planning, and we explored...

What advisors need to understand about CRTs, CLTs and fiduciary responsibility

The creation of an estate plan is a fundamental necessity for families, especially for families of wealth. And while there are many elements that contribute to the ultimate success of the plan, the selection of the appropriate trustee is often given little...

23 Jun 2010 | Practice | National Publication | News story

More and more donors of charitable gifts are specifying the exact use to be made of the gift. The donor has a vision about the charity’s use of the donated assets. But what happens if the donor’s specific gift purposes are no longer viable or even needed...

29 Apr 2005 | Practice | National Publication | News story
A working group of more than 40 charitable sector organizations under the leadership of the Council on Foundations has developed eight Principles of International Charity as an alternative to Treasury guidelines on preventing the diversion of charitable assets to...
25 May 2004 | Practice | National Publication | Article
For the last five years or so, Gift-PL (the email listserv operated by the National Committee on Planned Giving) has periodically included a discussion thread asking if anyone knew when the latest edition of Debra Ashton's book, The Complete Guide to Planned Giving,...

Those who know Vaughn Henry know he is no shrinking violet when it comes to expressing his opinion. In this edition of Gift Planner's Digest, planned giving officers and professional advisors alike are fair game as Vaughn discusses "understanding why the curmudgeon...

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